State Resources


Regulations vary from state to state. If you’re licensed in more than one state, locating all the resources you may need can be rather time consuming.

Need to know the gifting limit in California, Kansas and North Carolina? Check out the State Laws on Gifting, Rebating and Inducements spreadsheet for quick access to the dollar amount (if applicable) as well as the regulatory authority and an explanation of the rule.

Having a hard time navigating your state’s insurance department website for the most recent bulletin on deceptive sales practices? Open up the State Insurance Links spreadsheet for easy access to the home page of all state insurance departments, legal information (including bulletins, notices and orders against agents), licensing requirements and frequently asked questions.

Are you dually licensed? The same information can be located in the State Securities Links spreadsheet.

This site is for you! If there is any other state-by-state information you would like to see in one place, please email your request to